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121 North Pico Ave, Fallbrook CA 92028 (760) 451-6005
"I love the beer here, ice cold and tasty"
Eddie from Deluz Canyon
"Ive never had a veggie burger, but man that was good.  Who would have thought"

Howard,  De Luz CA
"The brisket was fantastic. These people care about food and it shows"
Vince Ross, Fallbrook CA 
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I talk about several different sandwiches I've had in my life. The Godmother from Bay Cities in Santa Monica; a Roast Beef Po Boy I had in New Orleans (did the restaurant wash away?) Now, all I can talk about is the Brisket Sandwich at Oink and Moo.  
Oink and Moo, I love you. I want to eat your Brisket Sandwich for every meal.

Oh, and my 3 year old throws a fit when we leave Oink and Moo. Why? It's sooooo cool in there.

Robynn Newton Dorffi De Luz Canyon
Oink and Moo Burgers and BBQ is a mouthwatering experience, a culinary treat
and an adventure in eating you will want to repeat over and over again until
you have worked your way through their entire menu, And then start over
again. Those Little Oinker Biscuits you'll want to stuff into your pockets
to take home, cause you don't want to run out of them. Their burgers are top
shelf and I cannot compare them to any other! Oink and Moo have taken pulled
pork and smoked brisket to a whole new level in dining enjoyment. 
Oink and Moo isn't for a bucket list of things to do once....this is one
joint you'll want to visit on a regular basis.

JC Iamurri

My husband and I LOVE this place. The owners are great people that know how to get a business started. Fallbrook is a very hard place to start a new business and we believe that Oink and Moo is here to stay. We love the food and service! The pulled pork is amazing and so is the beer! The price point is right up our alley and we will continue to go back!

Tasha D.
Carlsbad, CA

Food was fantastic. We got there as it was closing time, and they welcomed us in without hesitation. Being there so late, the other customers had left and we had the undivided attention of everyone, talk about being spoiled!
We ordered the sweet potato fries and normal fries, and both were fantastic, among the best of both styles we have had. Our meals were really good. My girl loved the hamburger and she even commented her pleased surprise about how delicious the bun was! The bun even got a comment!!!  
These people really take care in what they do, what they cook, what they prepare. Prices were really great, totally worth it, and not overcharged. Looking around, we felt comfortable, had a great time, and was definitely a memorable visit. We cant wait to go there again and bring her dad because he loves briskets.
Thank you to everyone who was working that night for taking us in, cant wait to go back!

People who view this review, dont forget to put your own up later, this place deserves higher ratings. Yelp penalizes them because they wont pay for additional advertising. Dont let the current 2.5 stars distract you!

Juan B.
Fallbrook, CA
A local friend of mine brought me here after an afternoon of wine tasting in nearby Temecula. The Oink and Moo had just opened and it was pretty packed. Still, our server was very nice, our food arrived in a timely fashion, and the ambiance in the outdoor patio was lovely and unique.  

For an app we tried the Bacon-wrapped Mac n Cheese fritters, which are every bit as a good as they sound.

For my entree, I ordered the 2 meat BBQ Platter for $14.95, choosing spare ribs and pulled pork, with mac n cheese as my side. (Can you see how much I LOVE their Mac n Cheese? AND, the platter also comes with a delicious biscuit)  

Growing up in Texas, visiting friends and relatives in Virginia and the Carolinas, and living in Chicago (Carson's Ribs and Twin Anchors)...well, let's just say I know my BBQ...

...and I have to say The Oink & Moo does not disappoint. The ribs were smokey and the meat just fell off the bone. Their sauce perfectly complemented the generous helping of pulled pork...I even had enough leftover for an awesome sandwich at home!

I wish I lived closer to this place...if I did, I would be a regular for sure. However, from this day forward, I will make it a point to eat here whenever I am in the area, and will place The Oink and Moo in the PRO column when debating my next wine tasting trip to Temecula :-)

Stephen S.
W. Hollywood, CA

I'm a first timer, that was invited by part of the family, that raves about this place.
Had to have the BIG BURGER and I ended up being extremely FAT AND HAPPY!!!
The service was friendly and helpful. Great selection of brews.
If I was a local, I would be back to try everything on the menu.
Can't wait to get back and get to that pulled pork!

Jack M.
Westminester, CA
Stopped in Oink and Moo after a long day of photographing a local car show. I had the pulled pork sandwich and sweet potato fries, paired with the "strong" ale from Oceanside Ale works; they hit the spot.

The restaurant has a really artistic decor, and the service was great. The owners were really friendly and introduced them selves part way through my meal. 

I was tempted to join the table next to me when I saw the ribs that were brought out for them! The beer and wine selection is good, the patio is blocked from the wind and features high out put propane heaters to the space comfortable.  

Parking is really easy, as there is a huge lot across the street to park in. There is additional seating inside the restaurant and at the front bar. 

I WILL be eating here again very soon! I plan to try the french fry encrusted corn dog, mac and cheese fritters and the pulled pork lettuce cups. Viva Oink and Moo!!

Zach S.
San Diego, CA
Oink and Moo Burgers/BBQ to me is what CHEERS was to Sam Malone and Dr. Frasier Crane...I go here and everyone knows my name! When do you know you go to a place to much? It's when you get a regular table and your check says VIP on it.

I first visited Oink and Moo 3 weeks after it opened, found out about from a Fallbrook event called, "Taste of Fallbrook." That first night I met the owners Jennifer and John (very nice and welcoming people). I must warn you, the staff and experience is young, but the effect is great. What I mean is a lot of the servers aren't very experienced in serving but I never have complaints about them. The eatery is new but bursting with an amazing atmosphere, delicious food, smiles from all the works, and I keep going for more. I don't tell my friends to go to just any place to eat, I tell them to go to places I really like or places I LOVE, and I Love this place. I would suspect my wife thinks I'm cheating on her cuz I'm always here (j/k). I like how everyone here has smiles and warm welcomes ( like they put all worries aside).

The food: sure it's not Slatters 50/50 or Phil's BBQ but the food speaks for itself. That's why I keep going back, and I've already brought 16 different friends and family here (with most coming back). Things I would recommend: Starters - sweet potato fries drizzled in honey, crazy corn on the cobb, Mac 'n cheese fritters wrapped in bacon (you just can't eat one serving...my fav, and my lunch for tomorrow), and the pulled pork with lettuce wraps (for those of you who wanna be naughty and nice eaters). Main Entree: Pick either oink or moo! burgers are good with many free bling (drunken shrooms, grilled onions...etc) to extra bling (for an xtra little fee - fried egg, pulled pork, Mac n cheese...etc) or get your grub on and pick either 1 meat, 2 meat, all the way to 4 meat options (pulled pork, spare ribs, chilled chicken or brisket (my fav!)...etc.)

If your one of those folks who LOVE food challenges, try there's! It's a BEAST OF A MEAL (3 MONSTER burgers stacked on top of each other, fries and a drink...in 30 minutes! I've seen a guy go in skinny and come out looking like he had two food babies)

And yes, save room for dessert, tonight I had the bananas foster (my fav!) other nights I've had creme brûlée. 

Oh yes, they have exotic meats as well...kangaroos anyone!?

Watch out now! They also have spicy options XXX hot sauce (habanero and ghost pepper homemade hot sauce) and many choices of hot sauce (whom you could find at your local Hot Licks sauce shop)

Don't take my word just go in and try it for yourself...closed on Mondays (open Tues-Sun) 5pm-9pm, warning you it's in Fallbrook (so its a drive), on Fri-Sun nights I suggest you call in and make Reservations...and lastly, if you want the best service, I recommend asking for any of these wonderful servers: Hanna, Anastasia, Summer, Sam, Katie or Jess.

Thanks to Oink and Moo Burgers & BBQ for Always making my eating experience a fun and memorable time!

Fallbrook, CA
I live in Oceanside and a friend told me to come here with my granddaughter, and I have no regrets doing so. The food is delicious! Went here this weekend and I got told it was going to be a 20-30 minute wait to sit outside (which was too hot for me to begin with), but got told if we would like to sit inside, and got seated immediately. The service was quite impressive, despite some of the negative reviews. The ladies are young, though, but still have good customer skills. 

Our server (Yvonna) was very friendly and attentive. She recommended her house wine, which was pretty divine . The pulled pork was scrumptious! The BBQ sauce was really delicious. My granddaughter enjoyed her food as well. And for the pricing, it was perfect. I actually had to take some home with me... the portions are pretty big. We wanted to get some dessert, but the only thing they didn't run out of was some oreo chocolate dessert, which I am not a fan of chocolate. She did mention the creme brulee, which sounds to die for (she did tell us a small story which you will understand why it is!) Next time definitely getting that.

Overall, the food and service here is outstanding, but do know there is a wait if you want to be seated outside. Also know you can call ahead to reserve, but if you want to be seated inside, your chances are to be seated more quickly. At least from my experience. The atmosphere is more for a young crowd, though. Do be prepared for some loud music and a wait, if not, go home! Fallbrook has a new gem in town.

(PS: I'm not a "yelper" but I had to write a review about this place! and Ty's Burgers, which is also delicious.)

Patty M.
Oceanside, CA

We enjoyed a delicious meal at the Oink and Moo (love that name!) last night. We tried the Barnyard platter and the BBQ chicken sandwich, all of the items were tantalizing to the taste buds. Next time I will have to try the Lettuce Cups. The atmosphere is fantastic with rustic farm implements turned into lamps, lovely art work and a great laid back feel. We received very friendly and attentive service with a smile. 

We will definitely return again and again ~ we love the Oink and Moo!

Shauna Wright,
De Luz, CA
We made reservations because we heard about the wait. It is worth the wait in any case. They have a little bar area where they serve appetizers and drinks until your table is ready so most don't mind the wait. Between the Husband and I, we had the Brisket and Pulled Pork, coleslaw and BBQ beans and biscuits. I could have eaten the biscuits alone. Our server "Summer" described each dish we asked about with exquisite detail that it was hard to pick. The pulled pork was the favorite and a must try along with the Orange Creme Brûlée...talk about heaven! The decor was eclectic and fun, the atmosphere relaxed and happy, can't wait to go back to try everything else!

Jean B.
Fallbrook, CA
First of all, the owners read this and actually care what the costumers write. The owner (Jennifer), took my reservation over the phone and was very polite and sweet. The hostess Hanna sat me five min before our reservations and was very polite. I wasn't sure who my waitress was at first Summer, maybe but after ten min of waiting to order a beer I asked another girl for a drink. Once my date showed up, the service sped up to a good pace. They were quite busy for a Sun night, and they were one girl short too, so well done ladies. The environment is laid back, johnny cash was playing on my way in the door. Now the food, the sweet potato fries were damn good. I have lived all over the world and most of my life in the south east, and have had them all over, they sure beat "da bayou" in Temecula. I ordered the three meat BBQ platter, pork ribs, pulled pork and the chicken. The pulled pork is outstanding, the ribs were petite but good and the chicken was quite dry. The biscuit that came with the meal was ok, so I am accustomed to other styles, my date really enjoyed it. We requested to move to a booth because the tiny table up front got kinda crowed with everyone walking by, but we were moved immediately, to a nice booth. The dining room was very clean and was pretty comfortable even for a cold night. The total cleanliness was superb, great job on that. Over all I am very pleased with this place, and will be back for dinner if not the "three headed monster challenge". P.s., the owner read a review on this from me prior to dinner, stating I'll be having dinner there and kinda picked me out of the crowd. So, well done on that.

Matt Q
Fallbrook, CA

I was very excited to find a local BBQ place to eat. The first time I went was with my 2 sisters and 2 children. I found that reservations are necessary if you don't want to wait for a while. Instead of waiting 50 min to be seated, we made a reservation and just came back an hour later. Once seated, the wait staff was very pleasant and prompt. I had the Kangaroo burger which I thought was amazing! The kids loved the bacon wrapped mac n cheese on a stick. I tried my sisters food and the meat was well seasoned and so tender. My other sister ordered ribs and she felt they were a bit cool when she had taken a bite. The waitress had come to ask how are meal was going shortly after we got it. My sister told her about the ribs and she apologized and said I would love to take that back for you and get you a new plate. My sister thanked her and she took the plate back. About 5-10 min later the chef came out with a fresh plate. :) He apologized for the ribs and gave her the new plate. The ribs were perfect. Then about 5 minutes later the chef came back out and made sure she was happy with her meal!!! Probably the best customer service I have ever had at any restaurant. The honey they had tasted amazing with there fresh biscuits! The deserts were so yummy! I told the rest of my family about it and the next night we ordered take out. My dad says it was the most tender, well flavored meat he has ever had. It was his first time trying brisket and he absolutely loved it. The corn was seasoned so well and everyone loved the coleslaw. Everything we had tried was amazing!! Can't wait to go back!

Tamara H
Fallbrook, CA