Oink and Moo Burgers and BBQ 

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121 North Pico Ave, Fallbrook CA 92028 (760) 451-6005
House Pulled Pork Sammich
Our pulled pork is house smoked for 16 hours.  It's served with homemade BBQ sauce on a freshly baked French style roll.  You will love it.  
Little Oinker Biscuits 
Oink and Moo Burger
 Bacon wrapped Mac &           Cheese Fritters
Good Eats
Check out some of our menu items.  Slow cooked and treated with love. We guarantee you will taste the difference.  
We make these buttermilk  biscuits from scratch daily. We worked to create the world's greatest biscuit and now we have it. These beauties are drizzled with local honey and maple syrup. Buy one or buy a dozen.  
Our burgers are custom ground daily at Oink and Moo.  Slightly seasoned, this burger comes with lots of free toppings  on a special bun and our O&M secret sauce. 1/3 LB loaded burger. The burger in the picture has bacon added.
These golden beauties are made from homemade Mac and Cheese.  We throw in some bacon, coat them with bread crumbs and more cheese, and the rest is history.  
Oink and Moo Photo Gallery 
BBQ Pork Lettuce Cups
 The pork is slow cooked, pulled then glazed with a tangy sauce that can be best described as an Asian beauty meets a mysterious Texan in California. The pork is topped with honey roasted nuts and fresh cilantro. Its served with a side of sweet chili vinegar that has cucumber, scallions and a few other secret ingredients that make this dish POP. 
We use an Organic spring mix, fresh Romaine lettuce and seasonal vegetables in our house salad.  The salad is topped with cranberries, Parmesan cheese & homemade croutons.  The chicken, avocado & blue cheese are extra.
House Salad with Chicken, Avocado and Blue Cheese